Adamawa State (Nigeria): Establishment of a Medical College

Purpose of the project

The state of Adamawa (Federal Republic of Nigeria) intends to establish a college of medicine to be developed in the city of Yola for teaching purposes. The medical education provided by this college should comply with German standards. This premise forms the basis of the structural planning for the constructing of the college facilities to be newly built.

Before realising the planning, the qualitative and quantitative parameters have to be developed, starting with a SWOT analysis, investigating the basic parameters of the project. The second step of this study includes defining the relevant structural parameters, determining the needed floor space and preparing a space allocation plan of the faculty. Additionally the costs of investments and of annual maintenances are estimated. The results of the second step provide the basis for the architectural completion. In a third step, an organisational concept is prepared regarding the structural organisation of the college and its management.

This project is executed in cooperation of the project centres "Constructional Development in Institutions of Higher Education” (Bauliche Hochschulentwicklung) and "Higher Education Management" (Hochschulmanagement).